Library View


Creating a new molecule
Tap the plus button to create a new molecule.

Editing a molecule
Tap on a molecule to open it in the Molecule Designer.

Saving a molecule
Molecules are saved automatically.


Return to the documents view.

Tap here to enter Edit mode that allows molecules to be deleted from the library.

To delete one or more molecules in Edit mode, tap each molecule to select them for deletion. Tap a second time to de-select them. When the molecules have been selected for deletion, tap the trash can icon at the top.

To calculate one or more properties for all of the compounds in the library, tap the Property Calculator button. Select the properties that you would like to see and press Calculate.

Tap the Action button to access a variety of additional features.

Asteris Store
Purchase additional tokens to allow you to perform additional calculations of StarDrop ADME properties

Send SDF File as Email
Create an SD file of your library of molecules which can be sent as an attachment by email

Save Selected As New Library
Create a subset of your existing library as a new library

Share Library
Using AirDrop® you can share libraries with other local iPad users

Print Library
Print the Library with the Print panel. AirPrint™ printers are automatically detected when the panel is shown.