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Creating and opening a new library
Tap the plus button to create a new, empty library, and open it.

Opening an existing library
Tap on a library to open it and view all molecules.

Saving a library
Saving libraries is automatic. The library is saved when the Documents button is tapped, when the Home button on the iPad® is pressed, or when the iPad® is turned off.

Renaming a library
Open the library, edit the title and tap the Done button to rename the library.


Tap the button to enter Edit mode which allows libraries to be deleted.

To delete one or more libraries in Edit mode, tap one or more libraries to select them for deletion. Tap a second time to de-select them. When the libraries have been selected for deletion, tap the trash can icon.

Tap the Action button to access a variety of additional features.

Asteris Store
Purchase additional tokens to allow you to perform additional calculations of StarDrop ADME properties

By default, Asteris will connect to a secure cloud server. Enterprise users may change these settings to use their own Asteris Server installation. For more details on the Enterprise version visit URL.

Register Asteris
Register Asteris to receive regular updates

Asteris Help
Access a variety of support features