Frequently Asked Questions

What properties can I predict?
Using Asteris you can calculate a range of “core properties”, such as logP, molecular weight, PSA and hydrogen bond donors, and predict a number of key ADME properties, including solubility, hERG inhibition and CNS penetration. For more details about the models, take a look at the Technical Information.

How are these predictions made?
All of the predictions are calculated using rigorously validated models from StarDrop ’s ADME QSAR module. You will need to be connected to the internet to perform these calculations using the secure Asteris cloud server.Alternatively, you can run the calculations on your own server with the “Enterprise” edition.

Is the server secure?
All communications with the server uses industry-standard SSL encryption. No compound structures or data are stored on the server.

How do I get the Application?
Asteris is available to download from the App Store.

Download on the App Store

How many calculations can I perform?
You can calculate “core properties” for an unlimited number of compounds on the Asteris cloud server. You can also calculate ADME properties for 20 compounds each month, free of charge. Additional calculations are available via an in-app purchase.