About Us

Asteris enables creative researchers to rapidly evaluate new compound ideas when and where they want, no longer limited to sitting in an office or in front of a computer. This iPad app combines highly intuitive chemistry drawing tools with the most visually informative predictive modelling. 

Asteris uses Chirys Draw’s™ patented (U.S. Patent No. 9754085) chemical drawing tools, optimized specifically for the touch environment, enabling users to explore a much wider range of chemistry designs. Instant feedback from StarDrop’s™ predictive models, guided by the unique Glowing Molecule™ visualization, dramatically reduces the time required to identify high quality compound designs.  Asteris enables users to calculate a range of “core properties”, such as logP, molecular weight, polar surface area, and hydrogen bond donors, and also predict over ten ADME properties, including solubility, hERG inhibition, and CNS penetration.

Asteris is a joint development from Optibrium and Integrated Chemistry Design.

About Optibrium Ltd.

Optibrium provides drug discovery software solutions that bring confidence to the selection and design of high quality candidate drugs. The Company’s flagship platform, StarDrop, creates an intuitive, highly visual and flexible environment to facilitate and speed up lead identification and optimisation, quickly targeting effective drug candidates with a high probability of success downstream.

Founded in 2009, Optibrium continues to develop StarDrop and research novel technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of the drug discovery process. Optibrium works closely with its broad range of customers and collaborators, that include leading global pharma companies, biotech and academic groups.

Visit the online community at http://www.optibrium.com/community/ for further discussions on improving the productivity of drug discovery.

About Integrated Chemistry Design, Inc.

Integrated Chemistry Design produces scientific software for drug discovery and development grounded in extensive knowledge of the chemical design process.  Designed for the needs of modern professional chemists, Integrated Chemistry Design’s platform of applications enhance teamwork, increase productivity, and liberate the creative scientific imagination.  Integrated Chemistry Design builds reliability and high performance into all products by emphasizing simplicity and modularity.

Headquartered near San Diego, CA, Integrated Chemistry Design was founded in 2010.  Integrated Chemistry Design provides innovative scientific software and consulting services to life science companies.

For more information about Integrated Chemistry Design, visit http://www.inchemdesign.com.